Meet the founder








Originally, Sonali pursued a career in fashion marketing, management and advertising in Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design. During that time, she had the opportunity to exercise in the jewelry & objects design field, study abroad in Hong Kong, design filters for two big events at SCAD such as: SCAD Fashion Week 2015, SCAD Graduation 2016.

She also was part of several community service and leadership teams. Post graduation, she moved to New York where she had the opportunity to own her own marketing consulting firm for 4 years where she was able to gain diverse experience in fields such as sales, marketing, campaign and brand management, recruitment, client communications, and design strategies.

However, she always kept jewelry in the back of her mind, but it was more a hobby at the time until the pandemic had started which was when she decided to give it a 110% and grow that passion in a new city where she looked to move, Atlanta. That’s when she decided to take what Golden Soul Era was into growing it internationally and expanding it from being online into also being available on local, international and private events.Her background in fashion marketing combined with her family’s creative craft got her thinking about more efficient ways to produce jewelry.

In 2016, Golden Soul Era was born; and in 2020, during the pandemic, it was officially re-branded and relaunched with a bigger focus and team. Together, they’ve built up their marketing strategy over these past two years with a push toward millennials, who are more than happy to support a brand that’s mixing up the fine jewelry industry, into what’s the new affordable luxury.


What was the major spark for you to make the switch to jewelry design?

Jewelry was a natural transition for me. It’s always been something I loved. My diverse background provided me with a way of thinking that I’ve incorporated into Golden Soul Era. I wanted to create something for our generation that combined techniques I have learned over the years with the values I believe in: making jewelry that’s good quality and modern but also accessible for the everyday use without losing ethical and sustainable practices.


Do you have suggestions for individuals who may have a business idea but running into roadblocks in getting it developed?

First, know your business and market, both- inside and out. You need to know the numbers, opportunity, and purpose. If you have data validation of your business, that’s even stronger. Build a network of people that you support and support you. Never shy from asking for help, people are very willing to help if you have passion and a plan of action.


From a marketing standpoint, how is Golden Soul Era changing the jewelry game?

It’s the opposite of the traditional jewelry marketing: We have an authentic brand voice that is backed by a talented team that believes in our values and driven by community. A community that inspire us via their character, stories, life experiences and style. Finally, we’re never finished in our development — there is so much more to do and so much in our list to keep growing internationally.


What’s your advice for people who went one route with their education but want to change things up career wise?

Education is a way of thinking. It’s training your mind to problem-solve and enhance awareness of surroundings which becomes useful in any business but there’s very little about being an entrepreneur that you can learn in school compared to when you are actually putting it into practicing and implementing it in life. The key areas of getting it done off the ground is making sure you getting the knowledge and support you need, connecting the dots with facts, finding a problem and providing a solution in needs, having a purpose and being committed to it until you get consistent at it, every single day, over and over again. Remember failure is part of the process and the journey to success until you see the results you want.