STFU Bracelet
STFU Bracelet
STFU Bracelet
STFU Bracelet
Golden Soul

STFU Bracelet

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There is nothing quite like the pop of red and a nice STFU to send anybody a message that you are NOT to be messed with today.  Featuring a pair of cherries, lipstick, and a perfectly poured glass of wine, this bracelet will catch everybody’s eye, and will let everybody know how you’re carrying yourself today before they even get a chance to say a word.


Closure: Recycled Nylon

Designed in: Atlanta

Process: Handcrafted and Custom

Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic


At Golden Soul Era, we only work with the most enduring and affordable premium quality materials from Panama and California including 14K and 18K Solid Gold, 14K and 18K Gold Vermeil, and pure 925 Sterling Silver. We also offer our products with mixed and match style materials using the above materials still, just with varied quantities, for those who prefer a more accessible price point while still keeping its superior grade quality and ethical practices.


Our pieces are crafted to last for long term. However, everything deserves love and care! To enhance the durability and quality of the pieces, clean your jewelry piece with a jewelry cloth once a day (with or without it been exposed to swear or water) to build that detail oriented care.